Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Religion Professor Gives Erie Audience a "Sacred Moment"

Dr. Kolp and Sister Stephanie Schmidt, Director of Ongoing
Formation at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery

Dr. Alan Kolp gave his audience at Saint Benedictine Monastery in Erie, Pa. a truly transcendental experience last week. Kolp, a BW professor of Religion, presented his lecture titled, "A Quaker in the Cloister: Shared Views of Contemplation." During the presentation, Kolp discussed the Quaker understanding of what being "centered" means and correlated it with Christian understanding of being contemplative.

Dr. Kolp explained how the process of contemplation can be summed up very simply in four words: discover, engage, embody and practice the Presence. The lecture concluded with a period of silence and stillness-- an opportunity for all present "to move the new information they learned from the head to the heart." Those in attendance said the experience was an indescribable "sacred moment."