Thursday, October 31, 2013

BW Alumna Commissioned as US Naval Officer

U.S Navy file photo

BW alumni continue to represent their alma mater and serve their country through their successes after graduation. Alyssa Cook '12 is no different. After graduating with a degree in Spanish Education in 2012, she attended the United States Navy’s Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI, graduating in May 2013.

Now an Officer with the United States Navy, Cook reports, “I have been on deployment with my ship the past few months, leading a division of Sailors as a Division Officer, with the collateral duty of being the ship’s Public Affairs Officer.” According to the US Navy's website, Commissioned Officers are "the leadership and management team of the Navy and Navy Reserve." Cook noted that she continues to use her BW education in her career today.

Congratulations to Alyssa, and thanks to all BW alumni who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces.

BW Professor Demystifies the Affordable Care Act

“Surviving Scary Economics – What happens after the Affordable Care Act”? was the fitting Halloween week title for a talk before area health insurance professionals by Tom Campanella, director of BW's Healthcare MBA. Campanella told 40 members of the Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters Association (NEOHUA) and that the insurance brokers can reinvent themselves in the wake of Obama-care and his comments were picked up as the centerpiece of a news story on WCPN ideastream.

"It goes back to the travel agent in regards to booking flights and trips. As the Internet expanded, all of a sudden (people asked): 'Do I need a travel agent?' So ultimately the ones that sort of evolve and find a way to provide value can be successful."

“But you gotta reinvent yourself with open eyes as to, “Where is the value needed, where is the market? And who can I help?” and sorta package yourself appropriately.”

BW Political Science Students Survey Election Opinion

Students in Professor Tom Sutton's Political Science course, Introduction to Political Analysis, engaged in "learning by doing," conducting an election survey showing voter sentiment ahead of the upcoming Lakewood city elections. The students, under the guidance of Sutton, who also directs BW's Community Research Institute, created the survey questions, managed the phone surveys and analyzed the results.  

The class concluded that there was strong support among adult Lakewood residents for the city schools bond issue and levy. Results were published in the Lakewood Observer.

Students in the call center of BW's Community Research Institute, which provides consulting and research services to units of government and government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, political campaigns, school boards, community-based organizations, businesses and the media.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sean Anderson '15 Seizes Research Opportunities

Sean Anderson '15, a Neuroscience-Psychology major, has made the most of his time here at BW, assisting in numerous Neuroscience Lab and physics research projects, such as how normal-hearing people adapt to similar deficits in auditory information.

Over the summer, Anderson, who's been active in BW's research community, was selected out of 400 students for the Summer Research Initiative - a competitive internship at the University of Maryland that promotes diversity in social science.

His ultimate goal is to earn a doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience or Hearing and Speech sciences.

BW Grad Teaching English Abroad

Katie (far right) with some BW visitors at the
Prague Castle. Left to right; Laura Lagania '14,
Fransiska Ong '12 and Lauren Franko '12
Katie Battaglia '12, an International Studies and Spanish double major, has been on the go since graduating from Baldwin Wallace University.

Katie left for Prague to earn a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. She managed to visit six countries before taking on a full time teaching schedule at two language schools.

Katie says, "My favorite part about teaching is the cultural exchange I get to have with my students. Not only am I teaching them English, but they are always telling me about Czech culture, places to visit, festivals to go to, and foods to try. So far, my life here has been wonderful."

Friday, October 25, 2013

From STEM to STEAM: BW Prof Leads Academic Panel

BW's Margaret Stiner, left, with fellow panelists
BW's Margaret Stiner was invited to present her expertise at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Conference in Salt Lake City as part of a panel discussing the importance of incorporating the arts into the STEM Education Coalition — changing the coalition's name from STEM to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Stiner and her fellow panelists argued that while it is important to promote STEM, one cannot overlook the arts as the basis of creativity and innovation.

Stiner serves as the director of BW's Academic Advising Office and is a lecturer in the English Department.

BW Student Trains to be Olympic Table Tennis Player

Keith Pech '14 continues to advance in the national table tennis arena. Over the past 4 months, Pech has made great strides in his professional career. He won 1st place at the Cape Fear Open in N.C., took 2nd place in the Akron Open and achieved his highest national ranking ever, landing in the top 80 for US Men.

Pech, who started the BW table tennis team his freshman year, has also acted as an official for professional table tennis championships, recently officiating the US Open in Las Vegas (photo above).

Off the court, Pech, a Sustainability and International Business double major, recently earned his certificate to teach English Abroad. He hopes to teach English in Japan while pursuing advanced table tennis training following graduation. Pech's ultimate goal is to represent the United States and compete on the table tennis team in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Students "Rock" For Children

There was music, games, food, and rocking chairs at the Rock-A-Thon, put together by the Phi Mu sorority and the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

Students from both Greek organizations rocked in rocking chairs, on the Union Steps, from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening, with rock music playing in the background to add on to the puns. At the end of the day, Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Tau ended up raising $248 for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and SeriousFun Children's Network.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Student-led BWise Group Raises Campus Alcohol Awarenesses

Photo by Dia Griffiths '14

To mark Alcohol Responsibility Awareness Month, BWise, (formerly known as Certified Peer Educators) sponsored another successful awareness campaign including leading the annual “Dead Day” on campus.

Julie Chambers '14, student director of BWise says the group has been spearheading the awareness campaign for about ten years. “We hope to make an impact on campus with our bright shirts so people will see them and be aware of the loss that can happen due to irresponsible drinking behaviors.” 

Each of the 80 students who participated in “Dead Day” received a card with the name and information about a college-age person who lost his or her life due to an alcohol-related accident. The students agreed to remain silent for the day to represent the losses. “Dead Day” concluded with students gathering to reflect.

BW Administrator Honored by the YWCA of Elyria

Annie Heidersbach ‘87, director of BW’s corporate and foundation relations, will be honored a Woman of Achievement for by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Elyria.

According to the YWCA’s website, the organization exists to “eliminate racism and empower women.” Among fifteen other Women of Achievement, Heidersbach will be commended for her award at a luncheon to be held at Avon Oaks Country Club in November.

BW Crowns 2013 Homecoming Royalty

Congratulations to BW's newly crowned 2013 Homecoming King and Queen, seniors Patrick Mahoney and Kayla Weaver (above), and 2013 Jacket Prince and Princess, freshmen Billy Weaver and Carol Nicholson (right). Mahoney, a Political Science and International Politics double major from Strongsville, Ohio, was nominated by Student Government, while Weaver, a Communication Disorders major from Chardon, Ohio, was nominated by by Alpha Gamma Delta.

Filling out the Homecoming Court this year were Queen Candidates Megan Anderson '14,
Domenique DeMaria '15, Brianna Razzante '15 and  Heather Schier '14, along King nominees Gabe Adams '14, Jason Roberto '14, Steven Vaccaro '15 and Luis Valdez '14.

Kudos to all for earning the recognition of their BW peers!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lambda Chi Alpha: Chartered At Last!

Baldwin Wallace University's Lambda Chi Alpha chapter, 2013
After three years of hard work, dedication and spirit, the Lambda Chi Alpha colony of BW has officially been chartered. Fourteen brothers founded the BW colony in 2010, and followed the ideals that went with the Lambda Chi Alpha name. A colony is an experimental body of a Greek organization that is awaiting for recognition from their headquarters to establish a chapter on their campus. The brothers had to prove themselves - and they definitely did.

The brothers of the new BW Lambda Chi Alpha chapter are excited about the charter news, but fraternity president Robert Hood says there is still much work to do. Hood says the chapter's next goal is to work toward earning the Grand High Alpha Award, the highest honor any chapter can receive.

Full disclosure... the author of this blog post is a proud brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. Roll Chi!

BW Students Take Top Awards at Annual Conference

Charles Henderson, Brooke Hradisky, Elise Wallis, Daniella Muhaj
Two of three undergraduate paper awards went to Baldwin Wallace students at the annual Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists meeting.

International Studies major Danielle Muhaj '14 received an award for her paper "Behind the Norm: Social Network Analysis of International Trade Disputes Among the Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO)," while Elise Wallis '13 was recognized for her presentation on "The Decision-Making Processes Behind President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)."
Dr. Haesook Chae along with students Brooke Hradisky '14 and Charles Henderson '14 also presented at the 2013 conference.

BW Enrollment Chief Offers Expert Advice on College Costs

As the time for college applications, campus visits, and tough decisions approaches, BW vice president of enrollment management, Susan Dileno, was asked by the Cleveland Jewish News to give prospective students some advice to consider when choosing a college.

In the article, Dileno, who oversees the enrollment and admission process at BW, advises against dismissing schools strictly based onpublished tuition. With scholarships and other financial aid, the cost could actually be much lower.

“You can’t exclude a college upfront," Dileno told the newspaper. "Until you’ve gone through the financial aid process, you won’t know your out-of-pocket costs.”

Monday, October 14, 2013

Student Immersed in Culture at University of Cape Coast

Alex Nagy '13, studying International Studies and National Security at BW, is taking experiential learning to a whole new level this semester. Stepping outside the traditional learning environment, Alex is studying at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, Africa.

Nagy observes, "As a student from the most politically and economically powerful country in the world, Ghana enables me to see the perspective of the world stage from a developing country; a perspective which cannot be gained from any amount of academic literature."

Anyone interested in following Alex's adventures can check out his photo blog. The photo right shows a network of roped bridges that Nagy navigated high up in the canopy of the rainforest in the Kakum National Park.

To find out more about study abroad opportunities at BW, visit the BW Explorations pages.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

BW English Prof to Publish Novel

Kevin Keating, adjunct professor of English at BW, will publish, The Natural Order of Things from Vintage Books in April 2014. Keating's work has received critical acclaim. Keating was a finalist for a Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Award.

Previously published by Aqueous Books, ae-book edition of The Natural Order of Things is available online from Random House LLC. An excerpt from the novel is featured on Cleveland Scene magazine’s website. According to a description from the publisher, The Natural Order of Things is a window into the human condition” with an "atmosphere dominated and charged by one Jesuit prep school and its students, parents, faculty, and alumni."

Keating is currently working on a second novel, The Captive Condition. Keating says that novel is scheduled for release in fall 2015 as a Pantheon hardcover.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

History Professor Challenges Conventional Wisdom

The Midwest World History Association 2013 Conference recently welcomed a presentation on conflict in Africa by BW History Professor Thomas Uthup. In his lecture, titled "Conflict in Africa Post-Independence: Is Culture Always a Factor?," Uthup examined cultural factors in African conflicts, and found that ethnic factors are far more prevalent and deadly than religious influences.

Dr. Uthup's academic focus has been on the complex relationships between culture and society, with special attention to religious factors--especially Islam--affecting political behavior.

He is a Founder, Friend of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) which promotes good practices in the governance of cultural diversity, interfaith relations, migrant integrations, and youth empowerment.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Alumnus Never Stops Running

Courtesy: Lynn Ischay / The Plain Dealer
BW Alumnus Aaron Apathy '08 won the 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Cleveland, facing no competition as he made his way to the finish line. Apathy found it in himself to complete the 13.1 mile race in a little over an hour.

His success is no surprise to the Baldwin Wallace community, for his athletic record and his academic history show that success is in his character. While attending BW, Apathy participated in four seasons of cross country and track, earning four letters in both sports.

He also earned the Jacket Scholars Award, was inducted into the Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society and was awarded the Paul "Sparky" Adams Memorial Track Scholarship. Apathy, who majored in Finance and Accounting in BW's Business Division, also was a member of the Accounting Association and Investment Club.

Neuroscience Students Present at Regional Meeting

Two BW Neuroscience students were singled out for individual research presentations at the recent Regional Neuroscience Meeting "mGluRs" (Midwest/Great Lakes Research Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience) at Wabash College in Indiana. Benjamin Brown '15 and Sean Anderson '15 individually presented their independent research; Brown's research topic was “In vivo and in vitro exposure exhibits a dose-dependent induction of ADNP in rat cortical neurons,” while Anderson reviewed his work on "The use of secondary acoustic cues to prosodic stress in vocoded speech.”

Rachel Zacharias '15 (pictured) along with Agata Szwakowska '14 and Janace Gifford '15 presented a poster summary of ongoing research in BW's  Neuroscience laboratory during the symposium known as "mGluRs."

Five other students presented research during conference poster presentations. Tyler Alban '14 and Logan Sirline '14, students who were also involved in BW's 2013 Summer Scholars, summarized the research they pursued during that 10-week-long program. The students traveled with Jacqueline Morris, Director of BW's internationally recognized Neuroscience Program.

BW Professor Twists Nature into Living Art

One of the specimens created by Professor Ziebarth that was on display at the Annual Cleveland Bonsai Show
Professor Steve Ziebarth of of BW's Art and Art History Department, was invited to display one of his many talents, Bonsai, at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens during the 2013 Annual Cleveland Bonsai Show.  Ziebarth demonstrated that he is not only an extraordinary painter, but a master of Bonsai, the unique Japanese art form in which miniature trees are exquisitely sculpted.  Ziebarth's teaching areas of expertise include painting, drawing, and color therapy.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Leading the Study of Language through Non-Language Courses

BW faculty members, Dr. Tony Chen (Economics), Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz (Political Science) and Dr. Judy Krutky (International Studies) recently attended the seventh annual conference on Culture and Language Across the Curriculum at the University of Richmond in Virginia, where Dr. Krutky was tapped to co-lead one of the conference’s workshops.

The conference provided participants the opportunity to share and develop ideas and best practices for integrating the study of a second language beyond traditional language classes.

BW, a founding member of the national consortium, held the annual conference on its campus in fall 2009. The Language Across the Curriculum curricular option at BW gives students the chance to practice their foreign language skills in their non-language courses.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New English Professor's Work Selected for Springboard Series

Dr. Les Hunter, one of the newest additions to BW’s English department, recently had one of his short plays selected for a reading as part of the Springboard Reading Series of the Cleveland Public Theatre. SpringBoard features staged readings of promising new scripts by local writers and work that is under consideration for future production.

Dr. Hunter’s play, “Entanglement: A Historical Fantasy of Almost Love and Almost Loss, Art and Entry Level Quantum Physics” tells “the romantic almost-story of the historical personages Gertrude Bing, a revolutionary art historian, and Erwin Schrodinger, the ‘father’ of quantum physics." 

Dr. Hunter is particularly interested in feedback for this short work because he would like to further develop the piece into a full-length play.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BW Programming Team Takes Another 1st Place

The BW Programming Team continues their winning streak following an outstanding competition season last year! During the 2012-2013 academic year, BW competed in 4 programming competitions and placed in the top third in each competition.

It seems that the team's success is carrying on into this competition year, as they recently claimed 1st place in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Regional Programming Contest at Muskingum University on September 28. In fact, the BW Programming Team was the only team of the 15 participating colleges to solve all four problems. Our team consisted of Computer Science majors Ben Adelson '14, Chris Moore '15 and Collin Simpson '15.