Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Student-led BWise Group Raises Campus Alcohol Awarenesses

Photo by Dia Griffiths '14

To mark Alcohol Responsibility Awareness Month, BWise, (formerly known as Certified Peer Educators) sponsored another successful awareness campaign including leading the annual “Dead Day” on campus.

Julie Chambers '14, student director of BWise says the group has been spearheading the awareness campaign for about ten years. “We hope to make an impact on campus with our bright shirts so people will see them and be aware of the loss that can happen due to irresponsible drinking behaviors.” 

Each of the 80 students who participated in “Dead Day” received a card with the name and information about a college-age person who lost his or her life due to an alcohol-related accident. The students agreed to remain silent for the day to represent the losses. “Dead Day” concluded with students gathering to reflect.