Monday, April 28, 2014

Music Alumnus Lands Prime Spot in Baltimore Orchestra

Photo by James Bartolomeo
As music majors know, performance opportunities are extremely competitive. But BW alumnus and percussionist, James Wyman '06, has "made it" as the Principal Timpanist for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Wyman told the Ashtabula Star Beacon in a recent feature, that commitment, preparation, and luck led to the accomplishment. “Every audition boils down to ... you have to be prepared, you have to sound great, but you also have to have luck on your side, too.” 

As a high school student, Wyman's passion for music led him to enter BW's Conservatory of Music as a double major in music and education. When he found education was not the right path for him to pursue, he focused on music. After BW, Wyman studied under Paul Yancish at the Cleveland Orchestra and went on to complete a graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

“I’m beyond ecstatic about what I do. I get to tell people I have a hobby that I get paid a salary for.”