Monday, August 18, 2014

History Prof Weighs in on Middle East Conflict for "US News" and "Huffington Post"

BW History Department chair Dr. Indira Gesink put her expertise as a professor of Middle Eastern history into two, recent, thought provoking, national opinion pieces on violence in the region.

For US News, Gesink entered into the fray of the magazine's Debate Club, billed as "a meeting of the sharpest minds on today's most important topics."

Her essay, which garnered the most thumbs up from readers (at last check), answered the question, "Should Obama Have Armed Syrian Rebels Sooner?" Gesnik argued, "No. Arming Rebels Wouldn't Resolve Syria's Conflict."

Earlier this month, The Huffington Post published another piece by Gesink titled, "Iraq: Rise of the Gangster State -- Why We Need a Better, Bolder Response to ISIS." Gesink also is the author of Islamic Reform and Conservatism.