Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grad Featured as "Millennial Expert" in Forbes Article

Author and career coach Antoine Moss, PhD. '05 was asked to weigh in on the generation now entering the job market for a "Forbes" article, "What Millennials And Their Leaders Must Know To Succeed" --published shortly before he will begin sharing his knowledge back on campus later this semester.

The BW grad majored in criminal justice with a minor in psychology, going on to receive his doctorate degree from Cleveland State University at the age of 28. Specializing professionally in helping young college graduates to secure job placement in their dream jobs, Moss offered "Forbes" insight on the Millennial mindset and provided tips on developing workplace leadership tailored to helping the new generation succeed.

"[T]ry to understand millennials [generally those who were born in the 1980s and 1990s] in an effort to understand the ways they can help your company grow," Moss gave as one key piece of advice: "Work towards problem-seeking solutions."

Moss will be bringing his expertise back to the BW community this year, joining the Advisory Committee for the Political Science Department and serving as a guest speaker in a political science class taught by Dr. Tom Sutton.