Monday, July 6, 2015

Broadcasting Grad Works to Promote the Cool in Cleveland

Reporting for CoolCleveland at his Alma Mater!
A scant 14 miles north of BW, Cleveland is rising. Recently ranked a top world destination by The New York Times, the city is sparking the interest of, to name a few, sports fanatics, foodies and artists (and students!) from around the world.

Broadcasting and mass communications alumnus, Martin Bielat '13 is working to highlight the city's incredible offerings through his job as director of engagement for CoolCleveland.

"The site is an excellent resource for people looking to become more involved in Cleveland Life," Bielat explains. "We write about what's going on every week in Cleveland and deliver weekly newsblasts to inboxes all over northeast Ohio." Bielat's job involves writing stories, producing videos and promoting CoolCleveland projects across the region.

When asked to reflect on some of the coolest Cleveland scenes that he has had the chance to report on, he replied, "I think less about what I've reported on in the past and instead concentrate on what's going to be the next big Cleveland thing." According to Bielat, every day is a new experience and CoolCleveland gives him the opportunity to explore all of the "good" happening around the region.

Visit Bielat's page on CoolCleveland to view some of his stories and videos.