Friday, November 6, 2015

Economics Professor is Respected Resource for The Plain Dealer

In addition to her role as professor and chair of the Economics Department at BW, Veronica Kalich also contributes regularly to The Plain Dealer, serving as one of the newspaper's respected analysts on the Ohio workplace.

Most recently, Kalich has contributed to a series of articles focused primarily on the unemployment picture in Ohio, specifically stories that delve into the ups and downs of monthly jobs reports losses, the middle class, and the state's recovery from "the great recession."

Kalich has served as a valued source for Plain Dealer reporter, Olivera Perkins, who says she trusts Kalich's analyses "because she always cites the source of her data." Perkins has found that readers trust her as well, noting that, "Since Professor Kalich doesn’t take a political viewpoint, it is difficult for a reader to question her objectivity."

Perkins added, "Because she has a varied background, having worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, as well as in academia, Dr. Kalich is able to explain and add perspective and context to economic issues in ways that are accessible to most Plain Dealer readers."