Thursday, November 14, 2013

Religion Students Experience Monastic Life

Students in Religion Professor Alan Kolp's seminar class spent a weekend finding out what it's really like to live in a monastery. The students fully engrossed themselves in the culture of the trappist monastery during the weekend at the Thomas Merton Center at Bellamire University in Louisville, Kentucky and at Merton's monastery--The Abbey of Gethesemani near New Haven, Kentucky.

"Visiting Gethsemani inspires a beautiful combination of rejuvenation and exhaustion," observed Sophia Viglione '14. "It is spiritually invigorating, but the schedule that the monks follow is somewhat draining. I think following the liturgy of the hours with the monks helped many of us appreciate Merton, monasticism, and Catholicim in a new light."

"Gethsemani is like a separate world, and in the axis of prayer upon which that world turns, I experienced a sense of fully inhabited faith," added Matt Gesicki '14. "To be in the presence of men of such a magnitude of faith, if only for a single luminous day, was profoundly humbling."

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