Monday, December 2, 2013

BW Adult Students: "First In Scholarship And Leadership"

Eighteen BW adult students were inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL), a national honor society that recognizes academically outstanding adult students in higher education.

Pursuing academic excellence in college is a difficult task, especially while facing the competing interests of home and work, yet these adult students make it look easy.

The new members of ASL are: Mercedez Hathcock, Raymond Radigan, Kelly Hilden, Kristi Thomsen, Sandy Ewais, Cindy Gornik, Denise Treadway, Rick Bowman, Ezio Rosset, Lisa Duliba, Jill Borling, Jane Cooper, Jennifer Westfall, Douglas Jakyma, Ana Simulj, Kim Novak-Szczepinski, Gary Cefalo, and Cheryl Sebjenics.