Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Retired Faculty Member Publishes Inspiring Memoir

Touted by readers as "the story of a life well lived in the face of physical constraints, illness and adversity heaped atop challenges that were already present," From Where I Sit, a recently published memoir, tells the beautiful story of Victoria "Vickie" Covington, a retired BW faculty member.

Covington taught and played piano in BW's Conservatory of Music for 23 years where she also served as the chair of the piano department. She spent much of her life wheelchair-bound due to rheumatoid arthritis but that did not stop her from playing and teaching music to her students for years.

"This is a story of creativity, beginning with Vickie's early years, as she developed her own unique, highly unorthodox piano technique--even pedaling with her left foot!" according to a description on Amazon.

Covington was recently interviewed for a story, "Pianist tells her story with a tune of gratitude" on WYFF-TV in Greenville, S.C. where she now lives. She told the station that even though nature took away her ability to do what she loved, the music still lives within her.

Covington says proceeds from the sales of From Where I Sit will be donated to the three schools in Covington's life, including BW.